What We Do

Here at Red Bicycle Roastery we roast coffee for all of our retail locations, educate the Murfreesboro and greater Nashville communities, and make sure to roast some damn good coffee!

About Us
  • Dabbler

    Our Dabbler subscription is great for people who are dipping their toes into the specialty coffee realm. Monthly, we will send two different 12oz single origin bags to introduce you to the world of specialty coffee.

  • Frequent Flyer

    Our Frequent Flyer subscription is perfect for the day to day coffee drinker. Monthly we will send out a single origin and a blend to your doorstep, allowing for effortless enjoyment.

    Frequent Flyer 
  • True Enthusiast

    Our True Enthusiast subscription takes enthusiasm to an entirely new level. This package offers a blend, single origin, and micro-lot roast.

    True Enthusiast 
  • At Home Latte

    With our at home latte subscription, we offer you a choice of your favorite syrup, a liter of MYLK (our non-dairy alternative), and a one pound bag of beans!

    At Home Latte 
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